Sunday, July 31, 2011

I.K.A.U N.O (RFM Rungus Project Song)

If you wonder what could the word Rungus up there at the title means,its the name of my race.Ive never made a song using my native language.Hearing those rungus songs been aired at local radios,suddenly the idea appeared, that i should try making my own version of rungus songs.
Spending 1 whole night recording the guitars rythm,lead and voice,editing,picture stealing(with permission of course.:p),
There you go,enjoy,edited using Adobe Audition,a great software for amateur composer like
Btw,RFM is(rungus FM).


From the moment i known you
i cant forget you
i always think of you
ur nose and ur eyes
ur laugh and ur smile
u make me wanna go crazy.

Do you even Know me?
Because right now,

y.o.u you a.r.e are
the owner of my heart
1 2 3 4 5 girls
none of them can be compared to you.

what is your dad's name
where are your mum from
i want to talk to them

"uncle and Aunty" i said,
your daughter,
is she taken or not,
i want to go and propose

because right now

y.o.u you a.r.e are
the owner of my heart
1 2 3 4 5 girls
none of them can be compared to you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A song for my girl.

Last time i wrote about how i wanted so much to write
a song for someone,didnt I?lol..I just did.
I just wrote my girlfriend a song,not so long ago..
even so,
i want to share with y'all..^^
there you go..

Title : Marcella

My heart wrote it,my soul added the melody.^^
I hope shes the one for me,forever.^^

Sunday, February 7, 2010

peaceful day

Title : Peaceful day

Tuning : E A D G A D

About the Piece

There you go.^^.Another of my collection.This one is pretty much different from the previous videos i uploaded.This peace,is unique from those before.
You can tell right.^^

About the tuning

As you noticed,especially for guitarist,it uses different tuning.By different tuning,i mean
different from the standart tune,which is


For this piece,i decided to try my own tuning which i derived from a tuning that most acoustic player will use because it minimize your finger usage on the fret,so that you can do bass,rythm and lead together at 1 time.
the tuning,which is quite popular among acoustic guitarist nowadays is


by changing the tune of the 6th string,i decided to do a melody on this new tuning.


tidak paham?
hahaha,jangan susah hati,teruskan belajar,^^
nilah guna blog ni,mo ajar kamu^^.

Do Enjoy,
Thank you for listening.^^
Ill do another video of this,Clearer,Longer version.since this one is not very smooth.
Just wait k.^^

Friday, February 5, 2010

The medicine

Title : The medicine

Tuning : Standard E

About The song

This is another of my plucking piece,well,im having difficulties to explain in though..;P
Sorry k..hahaha

This piece was composed like 2 years ago,
recalling the moods and objective of it,kinda hard..

Hope you will enjoy it,
Learn it,
However,kalau dah pandai main tu,
cakaplah si Moru yang punya k.;P..

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Long To Write Song For Someone

Its been awhile since i wrote and composed a song for someone.
Actually before,i never wrote any song for anyone.
i mean,i just wrote them for general..
when i think of a melody,i just simply put a lyric on it,.
in that way,even if i didnt manage to record it,at least,recalling a song with
a lyric is much easier..

I kinda missed writing song for someone..haha..
bukan apa ba,,
because,when you write someone a song,
from my view,
you must know that someone very well,
you are writing that someone your wish,your hope for him/her.
in another word,

you are being very honest with yourself,

its not about what you want,
its not about telling a person your feeling by putting deep words full of BS.

Its about your Very Honest and sincere feeling.

I think song with simple yet honest lyric is much meaningful then flowerish lyric.

simple lyric + heart = masterpiece~!

Put your heart into it.BE VERY HONEST.

I hope ill be having the chance to write a song again sooner.^^

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Title : Relax

Tuning : Standard E

Mood : Happy Play

About The Piece

This 1:25 minutes piece as you can hear it,consists of 4 different parts with each part is repeated twice.This piece was created at different time frames,meaning each part is created at different days.

Because for me,to create a good piece,one should not force the ideas out.!!

You understand what I mean right,.The ideas should come naturally,spontaneously,and at the very relaxed mind state.Because sometimes,the ideas depend on the mood.

For example,notice that,when you are sad,you tend to play sad songs is it?or when you’re happy,your hands automatically play cheerful songs.

Plucking is the same.

When you are very relaxed,relieved maybe,you tend to pluck relaxed tones to make yourself even more relaxed.Well,I composed this piece,to help me relax,or when my friends are sad,ill use it to comfort them.

OK!Let me explain it by parts.So when you want to play it,you will get at least a small idea on the Hows

Part 1

Part 1 is the melody at 0:00-0:18 minutes.This part concentrates on the 4th to 6th string.I decided to start this piece with the base strings since it is more to a relax and cathcy playing

Part 2

Part 2 is the melody at 0:00-0:53 minutes.This part concentrates on the middle strings.From the 2nd string to 6th string.This part is like the middle way of the piece stair.It is like halfway through the piece climax.

Part 3

This part is the melody at 0:53-1:08.This part is the climax of the piece.This part has the same melody as the 1st part but played at high notes.The melody is more intensed ended with Minor melody.The purpose of the minor melody is to make the piece end with major and relaxed melody.

Part 4

This part is the melody at 1:08-1:25.This part is the ending of the piece.It ended with almost the same melody of the 1st part.


For me,this piece do make me more relaxed and sometimes after playing this piece,ideas of new pieces came out.

An acoustic guitar piece don’t have to be long like the one you’ve seen on Tv or Utube.

Its about how you feel.Its the feeling that matters..hope you enjoyed it.^^..

More to come.;).

Thanks for comment k..

If you Have problem Viewing it,try this one~~~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why now?


Hye all,,thanks for wasting a bit of your precious time coming all the way here.
While some of you might be a close friend to me,or maybe you heard my name somewhere,
or might as well be a complete stranger,
who cares,
and most importantly,lets learn.^^

Im a Lazy person

well,very.VERY TRUE,
why the hell am i doing this?
Im having hard time enough keeping my assignments done,
some of you might have wondered about that..

Here's The Why

I like to play guitar.
I like singing,composing my own songs,which i kept secret,just in case i got myself a recording offer..;p.
nevermind that,
i like playing guitar.
by 'like playing guitar' means,i like to play everything that i can play with the guitar,i like learning varieties of music genre.Im attracted at every sound that came out of a guitar.
I played guitar since form 1.At my 13.
The thing is,everytime i hold a guitar,my fingers are alive.
Everytime i finished playing and singing every song that i can possibly remember,my fingers wont stop.They keep moving,making themselves comfortable at any fret possible.
that is when it all started.

Plucking masterpiece

So,i began composing my own plucking masterpiece.
The thing is,I might possibly compose hundreds or maybe thousands of them,
one thing for sure,i will never going to remember them all.
By that reason,
i decided to blog all my masterpiece out.
I will put ;
2.Info,as if chord used,tuning,tablature,
3.moods,playing skills,

so,for years coming,when i really did forgotten my own masterpiece,
ill just ask you people to teach me back.^^
Fair n square.